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I was looking back at my older showreel and decided I had a little more to add while also giving a bit of a polish. I’ve been having the best time working on these projects and I am hoping for many many more. I hope you like them even half as much as I have enjoyed creating these. If you would like to see more I am currently adding more work to my portfolio. Also if you want to work with me, feel free to contact me at


Here’s a very rough breakdown of this reel:

“Audi – The drag race, nothing to prove.”
Responsible for smoke simulation.

“Giff Gaff – The big swim”
Responsible for all FX trails.

“Sky Cinema – Disney” – Rebrand.
Responsible for all FX elements in the “excitement” sequence.

“Virgin Media”
Responsible for all particle simulations.
Also responsible for the laser hands elements.

Face scanning visualization. Responsible for all FX elements.

“Life Wtr”
Responsible for rain, splash, and ripples. Including creating streak mattes for the compositor.

“Media Markt – Garden Gnomes”
Responsible for all vomit simulation.

“Sky – Take it with you”
Responsible for fluid simulation.

“Marks and Spencer – Christmas”
Responsible for all weather elements. Mainly volumes and snow simulations.

“Pixelate – Shaefri” Music video.
Responsible for fracture simulations.

“Crystal / Atmorite”
Responsible for all elements. Personal project.

“Smoke Grenade”
Responsible for all elements. Personal project.