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Atmorite – A personal project

The Story,

“Atmorite or “Oxygem” is a rare mineral found in deep space. When the conditions are just right atmorite grows on planets and astroids like moss. It is special in that it releases bursts of low temperature mists containing Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen. When the Atmorite has been “breathing” air over a long period of time it causes thick clouds to form around the area in which Atmorite has grown. Even astroids with low gravitational pull, can be found with layers of clouds around them. Atmorite could potentially be used to create artificial atmospheres around un-habitable planets, making them habitable over time. Atmorite could be harvested from highy dangerous areas, and kept in high preasured vacum containers. The mineral could then be reinjected into the desired area to start the atmospheric process.”

Make sure to watch in HD for the best experience.

The Method,

I loved the idea of a crystal functioning like plants so much I decided to make it a reality. It was mainly a practice piece I did during my Running days. It was a great excuse to do a little bit of development and making something from start to finish.

I have written a more detailed description on my website.

Hope you enjoy!